Private Fishing Charter Rates

A $200 Non-Refundable Deposit is REQUIRED to book a Private Fishing Charter (NO EXCEPTIONS). ~The captain is the only person that can cancel a trip for any reason (weather, mechanical failure, etc.) ​ ~If the booking party cancels after paying the deposit, they automatically forfeit the deposit money, regardless of the reason. ~If the booking party cancels for any reason within 48 hours of their scheduled charter, the booking party is responsible to pay 100% of the charter price. *A valid Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX credit card is required before booking. *Prices are subject to change w/o prior notice. *Boat docking location is subject to change. Please text or call (410) 629-9206 one day prior to your trip to confirm the location​ *Fish filleting services are subject to availability. *We DO NOT offer fish filleting services for bottom fish (i.e. Spot, Croakers, and Perch)...they simply take too long to clean and we rarely have time to spare.


Private Charter Deposit

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Click the button above to pay your private charter deposit. DO NOT pay your deposit until you contact us to book the desired date of your fishing trip!!!!

Text or Call (410) 629-9206 to book.

What to bring on your trip...


Food and Drinks

Bring plenty to eat and drink. When the weather is HOT be sure your bring/consume plenty of water! The consumption of alcohol is allowed but DRUNKS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! If you get drunk we are required per the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations maritime law, to bring you back to the dock and call the U.S. Coast Guard. Also, your money shall not be refunded for the fishing trip. We recommend that you do not drink due to the inherent safety risks associated with the consumption of alcohol. However, if you feel the need to drink we expect that you do  responsibly!

One cooler per person (48qt. max)

The Rock Star is a big boat but if you bring every cooler you own, she shrinks quickly! We have plenty of cooler space onboard for the fish, bait, and even your drinks so please pack lightly and don’t bring too many coolers.  NO EMPTY COOLERS!!!!

Clothing fit for the weather

Clothing fit for the weather, i.e. warm clothes when it’s cold, rain gear, sunglasses.  The cabin is heated but we still suggest that you OVER DRESS.  You can always shed layers if you need to.   Don’t forget Sunscreen for those sunny days!


We are excellent fishermen here at LJK Outdoors but FISH ARE WILD ANIMALS, SO CATCHING THEM IS NEVER GUARANTEED.  You may not fill the boat with fish every time, but you can still have fun, every time.  We will do everything humanly possible to put fish on the deck but some days they just do not cooperate.  Don’t be a ”Negative Nancy”!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors!


You are welcomed to smoke on your trip. However, you may NOT smoke in the cabin.  Also, mind your ashes and butts.  If you put your Cigarettes/Cigars out on any part of the boat, you will be charged a fee of $250 per incident to fix the damages.  Putting out Cigarettes/Cigars on the boat will damage the boat. How would you like it if I went for a ride your Ferrari and snubbed out a nice big cigar on the dashboard or flicked ashes on the floor?!?!  Please respect the boat and let us know if you need an ashtray. 

Suggestion: If you bring cigars, you should consider bringing one for the Captain. 

What not to bring on your trip...



Bananas...yes, bananas (The fruit).  Incase you’re unaware, bananas are bad luck on boats.  We enjoy being safe and successful on the water so we DO NOT allow bananas onboard.  If you bring them, we will toss them...not joking. 

Illegal Drugs/Narcotics

ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ILLEGAL NARCOTICS/DRUGS!  If you  posses/use illegal narcotics/drugs while onboard our vessels, we will contact law enforcement, return to the dock, and assist the prosecution in any way possible.  You WILL NOT be given a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

Night Crawlers

Not only do Night Crawler Worms make a mess of the boat, they DO NOT catch!  Night Crawlers are FRESHWATER bait.  We fish in Salt and/or Brackish water.  If you bring them, we will not allowing you to use them.  BLOODWORMS are the best bait for bottom fishing.

Surf Rods

Surf Rods are designed for fishing...THE SURF on a beach!  On the Rock Star we do not.  There’s no need to cast when aboard our boat and therefore a surf rod is just a giant inefficient piece of equipment that will surely be in the way!  If you have a smaller (up to 8’ long) light-medium action rod, you are welcomed to bring it if we are planning to bottom fish during your trip. 

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