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Hop aboard the Rock Star for a top notch Headboat experience.  Our crew values our customers and works hard to deliver the best experience possible.  We do not cut corners, we don’t slack off, and we always put our customers 1st place. 

What is a Headboat trip? The LJK Outdoors headboat style fishing trip is a paid "per person" BOTTOM FISHING ONLY (i.e. Spot, Perch, Croaker) trip that is open to the general public.  On the Headboat, YOU purchase your own bait (from us or elsewhere) and YOU provide your own rod and tackle (or rent from us).  You must also bring your own cooler or bucket for your catch (nothing over 48qt will be allowed on the boat). This is our most economical fishing trip that is perfect for everyone from children, novice fisherman, and experienced fisherman. Questions?  Text (410) 629-9206

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Headboat Schedule


AM Trips (7am-12pm)- 5, 11,  14,  18,  19,  &  20

PM Trips (2pm-7pm)-  


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  • ***NEW 2019*** Even the ROCK STAR can legally carry 22 passengers, we have decided to limit the Headboat capacity to 16 passengers to give every angler adequate space to fish!  NO MORE OVERCROWDED FISHING!
  • Cancellations:
    • If you CANCEL your reservation within (48) hours of the trip, fail to show up, or you arrive after the boat leaves, you will be charged the FULL amount of the reserved ticket(s) price REGARDLESS OF THE REASON FOR CANCELLATION!  We understand that sometimes things happen beyond your control and we are sympathetic to that. HOWEVER, boats are expensive and we cannot pay our bills with your apology. 
    • If you make a reservation for more than just yourself, you are responsible to pay for their ticket(s) for each person you reserved for, regardless of whether or not they show up!
    • If you cancel within 48 hours of your trip:
      • First Violation: You will be required to pay the full ticket price of your reserved spot(s). 
      • Second Violation: You will be required to pay the full amount upfront to reserve a/any spot(s) in the future.
      • Think cancelling is harmless?  In 2018, we lost approximately $8,200 in revenue solely due to cancellations.
  • Please arrive at the boat AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. If you are late, we will NOT wait at the dock for you!  Please plan your travel accordingly.

  • Please TEXT or CALL IN ADVANCE to check Headboat availability.  Text/Call: (410) 629-9206. DUE TO LIMITED CELL SERVICE AND ABILITY TO HEAR WHILE ON THE BOAT, TEXT MESSAGING IS PREFERRED!  You may also email Captain Luke with questions at luke@ljkoutdoors.com.  Please allow up to (24) hours for a response.
  • Reservations for the Headboat are required (Credit/Debit Card Required). NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • We will reserve headboat spots no earlier than the Monday before the scheduled date.
  • You MUST make a reservation to go on the Headboat.
  • You must PURCHASE YOUR OWN BAIT!  Bait is available for purchase onboard while supplies lasts! ABSOLUTELY NO NIGHTCRAWLER WORMS on the boat! They DO NOT work for bait in salt water and they are messy. If you bring them, you will not be allowed to use them.
  • Rod rentals are available for $5 per person. You may bring your own rod and tackle. NO SURF RODS! Rods over 8 feet in length will NOT be allowed onboard! 
  • You may smoke tobacco products on the back of the boat. However, please be respectful of other customers.  NO SMOKING in the cabin or head. If you smoke, DO NOT place smoking devices on or put them out on any part of the boat. Doing so will damage the paint and/or fiberglass. If you do, you will be charged a minimum of $250 for the repairs.  Ashtrays are available if you need one.
  • The head (toilet) on our boat is NOT like a household toilet. It will only take human waste. DO NOT place anything other than natural human waste in the toilet.  Other foreign objects such as toilet paper, tampons, food wrappers, paper towels, condoms, plastic, rubber, etc. must be placed in the trash can next to the toilet. If you damage the toilet you will be billed for repairs or replacement.
  • NO MORE than ONE cooler per person.  For space reasons, MAX size is 48qt.
  • We must get a MINIMUM of 6 people from the public signed up for the headboat to sail.
  • Dates above are subject to change without notice.  Text ahead to confirm the date!  Text: (410) 629-9206
  • Headboat trips are 5 hours in duration, dock to dock.
  • Children of all ages are always welcomed. Therefore, to ease the financial burden on parents we will offer $5 off for children under the age of 12. *Proof of age is required to take advantage of this discount*
  • We value the men and women of The U.S. Military (ALL VETERANS), Law Enforcement, and Emergency Personnel. Therefore, we will offer a discount of $5 OFF to them for all Headboat Trips! *Valid ID is required to take advantage of the $5 OFF discount*
  • We are located at Beacon Marina next to the Quality Inn (Formerly the Comfort Inn) at "Dock A."  Address is 255 Lore Rd., Solomons, Md.  Directions can be obtained on the Contact page.
  • The boat name is Rock Star.
  • Tipping the first mate is NOT optional (MINIMUM $10 per person).  Tipping the mate is required even if you do not seek his help during the trip so ignoring the mate is no excuse to stiff him on a tip!  Our first mate will be courteous and work very hard for you and lets be honest...$10 is really not much to ask!  Failing to tip the mate will result in you not being allowed back on the Headboat in the future.
  • ​The consumption of alcohol is allowed but DRUNKS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  If you get drunk we are required per the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations maritime law, to bring you back to the dock and notify the U.S. Coast Guard (We don't make the rules, we just follow them).  Also, your money shall not be refunded for the fishing trip.  We recommend that you DO NOT drink due to the inherent safety risks associated with the consumption of alcohol.  However, if you feel the need to drink we expect that you do so responsibly!
  • ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ILLEGAL NARCOTICS/DRUGS!  That includes any and all Cannabis or Marijuana products!  If you posses OR use illegal narcotics/drugs while aboard our vessels, we will contact law enforcement and return to the dock.  You WILL NOT be given a refund and we shall contribute to your prosecution. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!  WE ARE NOT 420 FRIENDLY ON THE ROCK STAR!!!! DO NOT EVEN ASK!!!!

Any violations of the terms and conditions resulting in injury to any person(s), damage to LJK Outdoors, LLC's reputation or ability to operate, or damage to LJK Outdoors, LLC.’s property, will result in the violating party being billed accordingly and/or proper legal action being taken against the violator.  Refusal to comply with the terms and conditions will result in the refusing party being denied services at the time of refusal and in the future.  By making a reservation, booking a trip, attending any type of trip, and/or conducting any business or exchange of money with LJK Outdoors, you are agreeing to abide by the aforementioned terms and conditions and fully understand them.  It is the responsibility of booking party or person(s) to ask any questions in reference to the Terms and Conditions prior to booking, reserving, attending, or exchanging money with LJK Outdoors, LLC.

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